We are publishing a print edition.In addition we are making html versions of each paper available online free of charge.
The book as a whole will not be available freely.

Contributors must obtain copyright for the print edition of the publication.
They must also obtain copyright for the electronic edition of the papers. With online reproduction, as there is no time limit or print run limit on the availability of the image, there may be some issues procuring these rights.  Contributors should contact me if they have been refused copyright for the electronic edition.

Details of Publication
Title: Impact 7: Intersections and Counterpoints
Publication date: December 2011
Editor:  Luke Morgan
Author: Contributor name/s
Publisher: Monash University Publishing [Please note that it is 'Publishing' not 'Press']
Print run: 1000 or less
Format: Paper back
RRP: TBC but in the vicinity of AUS$60-$70
Image size in comparison to page each image will feature on (eg. 1/4, 1/2): Contributors will need to decide themselves following the formatting guide.
Language: English
Territorial distribution: World/global
Nature of publication: Scholarly, not-for-profit
Where the images will feature: Inside (not cover or end papers)
Additional Formats: Each paper will be available individually online in html
Duration of electronic rights reqd. if applicable (eg. 1 year, 3 years, up to maximum of 10 years): 2 years, automatically renewed every two years