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Registration and Morning Tea - K3.09


Welcome to Country Ceremony by Wurundjeri Council


Welcome to IMPACT7 - K3.09

11.00-12.30pm KEYNOTE: John Loane with Mike Parr video presentation - Parr/Loane (Echolalia - the road) K3.09
12.30-1.30pm Lunch - Building G Concourse
1.30-3.00pm Session 1

VENUE 1 - G1.04

VENUE 2 - G2.22

VENUE 3 - G2.25

VENUE 4 - G2.26

VENUE 5 - G2.27

VENUE 6 - G2.34

Topic: Printmedia and political agency, activism, appropriation and sub-culture Topic: Printmedia and the Artists' Book Panel: Model for the collaborative studio in 21stC & changing role of the Master Printer Topic: Trace, document, index Topic: Globalization, national identities and the post-colonial perspective Topic: The print, text, semiotics and language
Chair: Richard Harding (AUS) Chair: Sarah Bodman (GBR) Chair: Stephen Hoskins (GBR)
Chair: Vicki Reynolds (AUS) Chair: Dominic Thorburn (ZAF) Chair: Matthew Perkins (AUS)

Richard Harding (AUS)
Print as other, the future is Queer

Gali Weiss (AUS) & Barbara Kameniar (AUS)
Unfolding Projects: Afghan and Australian artists' books collaborations

Stephen Hoskins (GBR)
What it might be!

Jo Ganter (GBR)
C21Artists: C19 Spectators

Dominic Thorburn (ZAF)
Navigating the North-South Axis - Divide and Rule?

Christopher Waller (AUS)
Aura of the Semiotic Imprint

Karen Ball (AUS)
The Work of Art in the Age of Environmental Degradation: Exploring the form of contemporary printmaking

Terri Bird (AUS)
Artist's book as a diagram of exteriority

Paul Laidler (GBR)
The Human Printer featuring the Print is Dead series

Christopher White (NZL)
Convenientia and the Intaglio Landscape

Gene Bawden (AUS)
Home isWhere the Heart is

Stephen Palmer (AUS)
Objects in the Text: Art in the Age of Documentation

John Phillips (GBR)

Webolution Wow: Who Needs Posters?

Lily Hibberd (AUS)

Reading aloud: The book and shifting forms of social engagement

Brian Gilkes (AUS)
A New Renaissance - Dimension and Light in Digital Printmaking
Gian Manik (AUS)
Representation, Re-Presenting and Re-framing the body: The trace of corporeality through cross disciplinary media and its installation in the work of Ryan Trecartin and Joan Jonas
Anne Kirker (AUS)
PRAWAT and the renegade print
Macushla Robinson (AUS)
Thinking through the body: transcription and its visual image Bea Maddock's Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre
Q & A Q&A J P Willis (GBR)
Printmaking and Artists' Books: Collaboration and Exchange in a Digital World
Q&A Eugenia Ramos (MEX)
Ilustracin tipografica mexicana (Mexican typesetter illustration)

Melissa Olen (USA)

Physical and Virtual Attributes of Quality for Consideration by the Master Printer



Afternoon Tea - Building G Concourse


Session 2

VENUE 1 - G1.04

VENUE 2 - G2.22

VENUE 3 - G2.25

VENUE 4 - G2.26

VENUE 5 - G2.27

VENUE 6 - G2.34

Topic: Printmedia and political agency, activism, appropriation and sub-culture Topic: Printmedia and the Artists' Book Topic: Print and the influence of digital technologies and new media Topic: Trace, document, index Panel: Cross Polinisation: Emerging Artists in Contemporary Brazilian Printmaking Topic: The print, text, semiotics and language
Chair: Neil Emmerson (NZL/AUS) Chair: Sarah Bodman (GBR) Chair: Daniel Palmer (AUS) Chair: Sarah Jones (AUS) Chair: Edward Bernstein (USA)
Chair: Matthew Perkins (AUS)

Jan Hogan (AUS)
On Commoning

Brad Haylock (AUS)
Teaching artists' books: interdisciplinary conversations and transdisciplinary pedagogy

Paul Liam Harrison (GBR)
Teleportation and the printed human

Paul Uhlmann (AUS)
becoming imperceptible: drawing as a way of understanding interconnectedness with all living beings

Prof Maria do Carmo Veneroso (BRA)
Prof Isabela Prado (BRA)

Nicci Haynes (AUS)
There are too many spelling or grammatical errors in finnegans_wake.doc to continue

Marion Arnold (GBR)
The Imprint of South Africa: Narratives by Some Black Women Printmakers at the Caversham Press

Tim Mosely (AUS)
books by artists, Derrida's insoluble tension and smooth space

Deborah Cornell (USA)
The Digital Dialect: Tactility, transience, reach, limits and limitlessness

Tim O'Riley (GBR)
Accidental Journey


David Wlazlo (AUS)
Conceptual Art As Literary Writing: The Introductory Editorial to the Journal Art Ð Language Read Through the Work of Jacques Derrida

Louise Mayhew (AUS)
Jill Posters Will Be Prosecuted: Australia's women-only print collectives from the 1970s and 1980s

Sarah Bodman (GBR)& Tom Sowden (GBR)
Life, the universe and everything: the artist's book as a means of theoretical, political and social consideration of the natural world

Leonie Cooper (AUS)
When a World Disappears: Tracking the Trace in Mixed Reality Artwork

Duncan Bullen (GBR)
Chromatic Fields: Print Media and the Artist's Book


Robert Nelson (AUS)
Toward a History of Impact: The violence of the creative vocabulary






Anja Hatva (FIN)
What impact does an illustrated article have?


IMPACT 7 Exhibition Opening - Caulfield Building G Concourse and beyond



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