richard harding | ‘this is not a drill’


My project ‘this is not a drill’ utilises appropriated images from a mainstream Australian weekly magazine, Good Weekend. These collected images are forming a catalogue of current masculine performance and identification in an attempt to navigate notions of masculinity from a gay male perspective. ‘this is not a drill’ visually stages real and imagined masculine representations to investigate various forms of masculine performance and its relationship to the closet.


Richard Harding is a print based artist and Senior Lecturer in the Printmaking Studio at the School of Art, RMIT University Melbourne Australia. Harding’s visual research is informed by architectural and queer theory utilizing print media, traditional and electronic, as a vehicle for an ongoing art practice. He has produced two-dimensional, installation, video and object based works.



RMIT University Melbourne


Building E, Level 2


Thursday 29 September


12.30 - 3.30pm