Deborah Southerland | Edible 3D printing


The potential of 3D printing has been under technical and philosophical discussion for some time, but current rapid prototyping materials can be costly and are limited in terms of functional and visual qualities. Food-based materials could provide a novel and exciting alternative which may also be more affordable and accessible as 3D printing extends from industrial applications towards educational and home use.
This research compares and contrasts the findings of a research project that explores freeform fabrication of food-based materials using 3D print and rapid prototyping techniques


Deborah Southerland is Senior Lecturer and Head of the BA Hons D3 (Design) programme at UWE Bristol, her research has been an investigation into the use of 3D print and rapid manufacturing technologies using only food and edible materials. Originally from a textile background, Deborah’s research practice is driven by an exploration of the ways in which material languages can be used to create meaning, illicit emotion and gratify the senses, with particular reference to Textile culture.



University of the West of England


Building E, Level 2


Thursday 29 September


12.30 - 3.30pm