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Troppo Prints (founded 2010) comprises three Cairns professional printmakers of longstanding, Dr Sasi Victoire, Ms Laurel McKenzie, and Ms Margaret Genever. Our objectives are to raise the profile of printmaking and printmakers in our region and beyond;  to emphasise its affordability as an art product,  and to show the dynamism and rigor of the work from this region. Impress: Body to Body is Troppo's  second group project.

Troppo Prints has invited nine other professional printmakers in the Cairns region to create the exhibition IMPRESS: BODY TO BODY,  consisting of two editioned prints from each artist. They include indigenous and mainstream printers : Anna Eglitis, Christine Eyres, Margaret Genever, Elizabeth Hunter, Laurel Mackenzie, Glen Mackie, Arone Meeks, Billy Missi, Hannah Parker, Brian Robinson, Theo Tremblay and Sasi Victoire.
Over the last three years, the Cairns art community has seen an upsurge of printmaking with the development of new vibrant art spaces such as Djumbunji Press and Canopy Artspace (Editions Tremblay) alongside the traditional institutional studios entirely devoted to the print medium.

Printmaking as an art medium, however, is not understood by the general public: its evolving history, diverse processes and long traditions. The title is drawn from the traditional definition of the print process, that it is one body pressed against another.


Building E, Level 2


Wednesday 28 September


12.30 - 3.30pm

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