Christina Cordero

Sydney Printmakers




"Sydney Printmakers is a unique phenomenon in Australian art with few parallels anywhere in the world. Although numerous exhibiting associations of printmakers have cropped up from time to time in Australia, what distinguishes Sydney Printmakers is three things. Firstly, no other exhibiting organisation of printmakers has so effectively represented the best printmakers of a city and has done this so comprehensively. Secondly, no other organisation of printmakers in Australia has managed to sustain itself independently over such a prolonged period of time without becoming a de facto filial of an institution, such as an art school. In other words, Sydney Printmakers have remained truly independent. While thirdly, no organisation of printmakers has managed to survive for fifty years without extensive periods of dormancy. "

Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA
The Sir William Dobell Professor of Art History
Australian National University

"The Sydney Printmakers is a society of graphic artists who have come together to form a group, not because the print is a new thing but an old one, neglected. They hope to exchange their knowledge and experience, to show their works and, by exchange with overseas prints societies, to exhibit work of international standing."

Laurie Thomas,gallery director and art critic
extract from an article in the AUSTRALIAN 1972

"Sydney Printmakers celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a membership of sixty two – still following the tradition of artist printmaker – making marks and producing images on surfaces that can be transferred onto paper or some other two-dimensional material. Prospects for a future of lively exhibitions and complementary events look promising."

Tanya Crothers member since 1977 and Barbara Davidson member since 1978
extracts from HOT OFF THE PRESS exhibition catalogue celebrating 50 years of Sydney Printmakers
Manly Gallery and Museum, 15 July-28 August 2011


Building E, Level 2


Wednesday 28 September


12.30 - 3.30pm