Nicci Haynes




Nicci Haynes studied pharmacology in Wales in the mid 1980s and after a short career in research and then a much longer period of other adventures came to Australia and the ANU School of Art. Since graduating from the Printmedia and Drawing Workshop in 2007 she has been regularly exhibiting work in Australia and overseas. Her practice is varied although she describes it as based mostly around drawing. The work tends to merge across boundaries and includes books, mechanical gadgets, drawing on prints, print on drawings, hair and wire turning 2D work into sculptural objects, once aptly described as 'Nicci’s printhairies' in a magazine article.

‘I don’t really see much difference between the artistic and scientific endeavour, she says ‘they are just different ways of finding out about the world and my experimental inclinations manifest in my art, especially in etching, which sometimes feels like a form of alchemy.’

Based in Canberra, she currently teaches etching at ANU, Megalo Print Studio with an occasional spell at NAS in Sydney.


Building E, Level 2


Wednesday 28 September


12.30 - 3.30pm