Ex-Change | Rob Dott, Andrew Gunnell, Adrian Kellett, Kylie White




The democratic dissemination of the print is historically a feature of print based artistic practice. During this project we will also disseminate the matrix. This will produce a visual illustration that examines the nature of collaboration, the suspension of artistic ego, the input of a skilled printer and extend the egalitarian nature of print. On an aesthetic level the output will provide a reflection on, and a comparison between the different states of a particular image.
 The process for the project will be for each artist to make an image/plate consistent with their current practice, print an edition and then pass on the matrix to the next collaborating artists. They will in turn print that image and pass it on to the next collaborator.
The outcome of the project will be four sets of four prints to exhibit. The points of difference also highlight their status as individual works.
Each participant has exhibited widely both locally and internationally. As collaborator/printers they posses extensive experience at studios such as the Australian Print Workshop, Chrysalis Gallery and Studio, Lancaster Press and Port Jackson Press.

 And as technicians in the print departments of RMIT, MONASH and VCA they continue to share their ideas and expertise.


Building E, Level 2


Tuesday 27 September


12.30 - 3.30pm