Eugenia Sanchez Ramos




University of Guanajuato



Ilustracion Tipografica mexicana (Mexican typesetter illustration)


The design is a way to improve society through effective communication that makes it is easy to understand information and useful things. The research "Mexican typographic illustration' is the result of the link between nature and culture. Starting from the idea that the design is mainly based on the font to transmit information, the words take physical presence and help to the interpretation of the message. However, we wanted to set the font as an form element, meaning that not only was the tool for understanding the environment even transcended the barriers of language, image is a culture sign. In this sense, the objective of a multidisciplinary project considered typography and sign like referents of Mexican culture (semiotics) and an aesthetic and formal element (graphic design). Typography therefore indicates time, place, culture, style, texture and color. Given the theme of this project, the first action of the research group was to define terms, so was important define culture as a set of preferences that people acquire and learn, which depend on ethnicity, educational background, geographical location between other factors also share a vocabulary. Therefore Images and themes integrated relationship and communication. In developing the project, decided to establish the technical and technological means that we were employ. At this stage, the discussion between the vanguard and the traditional media was devastating, so we proposed to use the history of the thirties in Mexico. Analysis showed us the way forward, given that the country flourished the collage and illustration techniques in accordance Dadaist influence. The Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo began to introduce into their painters texts and words like significance items. That was how it was determined that the proposals would be implemented under the following conditions: design should reflect the Mexican culture or customs, and be conducted under the technique of collage. The methodology was divided into three phases, the first was the collection of information about an artist, sculptor, or painter who was Mexican and the period where he or she developed his or her work by applying the phenomenological method; the second phase was selected piece and morphological and color analysis applying the hermeneutic method too; finally the third phase was devoted the proposal form by replacing the font type and appropriateness of taking into account the message consistency, however respected the original chroma of the selected works.The result of this project were fifteen proposals for students and teachers a degree in Graphic Design, which have a tabloid format made with traditional techniques. This work has been exhibited in academic precincts on campus and beyond. I think this exhibition shows the richness and formal beauty of typography, as well as Mexican icons, the ideology of our people and kept alive through visual and oral traditions of our ancestors.


Tuesday 27 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm





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