Patrick Pound




Monash University, Australia


Patrick Pound is a Melbourne-based artist working across mediums. His work has the look of having been made by someone who has set out to try and explain the world and who, having failed, has been reduced to collecting it. His archives, amassed across years of obsessive and meticulous searching and scavenging, include newspaper cuttings, found photographs and everyday objects, and encompass categories such as people holding cameras; people holding photographs; people in the wind; people with outstretched arms; readers; people in front of their houses; flattened things; and circular things. These painstakingly accumulated collections present fragments of the world, which have been reorganised in search of some kind of greater order or logic. They take ordinary moments, and through multiplying them and presenting them alongside each other, transform them into something altogether more mysterious and fantastical.

Patrick Pound has held recent solo exhibitions at Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney (2010); Hamish Mackay Gallery, Wellington, NZ (2009); Artspace Mackay Regional Gallery, QLD (2009); and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne (2009). He has been included in numerous group exhibitions including Present Tense: An imagined grammar of portraiture in the digital age (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra 2010); Someone looking at something (West Space, Melbourne 2009); and Photographer Unknown (Monash University Museum of Art, 2009). Patrick Pound’s work is held in numerous public and private collections including: the National Gallery of Australia, the NGV, the Museum of New Zealand, Auckland Art Gallery, and the Dunedin Art Gallery.


Patrick will chair this panel on The Archive


This panel has been convened by the Archive / Counter-archive research group of artists, writers and curators based at Monash University with an interest in exploring relations between contemporary art and the archive. The Archive / Counter-archive Research Group (ACA) comprises Geraldine Barlow (curator at the Monash University Museum of Art), Victoria Lynn (curator and writer), Tom Nicholson (artist, and lecturer, Fine Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University), Kit Wise (artist, Lecturer and Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Art and Design), and Zara Stanhope (curator and writer).


This panel will explore the relationships between the use of print media – photography, digital media, installation and video – and the archive in contemporary art. Challenging the notion that the archive is simply a repository of documents, many artists draw on diverse material and systems in order to reinterpret or disrupt history and memory.  When the archive is re-mixed in this way, it can generate new networks, alternate pathways and fresh perspectives not only on its stated subject, but also on the nature of the document in art.


Friday 30 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm




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