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books by artists, Derrida's insoluble tension and smooth space


Johanna Drucker is arguably the most recognised figure involved in the emerging critical discourse on artists books. Drucker has called for the establishment of "a critical terminology .... and a descriptive vocabulary" to facilitate the effective development of a critical discourse and cannon of artists books. A contentious intent in a post Derridan context demonstrated by Marshall Webber's response that while "Drucker is doing important practical work in the area of cataloging, the limitations that her theoretical writing sets on her concept of a "zone of activity" construct a categorical hierarchy of artists' books. ... It's a static system of validation by descriptive definition. Drucker's concepts form a modernist body of writing in post-modernist clothing." Still Webber considers that any good critic should try to confine and influence the future directions of their field which Drucker and Webber are attempting. This paper represents an endeavor to contribute to the developing critical discourse that supports artists book creative practice. It is comprised of two parts. Firstly I briefly describe three tools I already have in my toolkit and identify a fourth recently adopted from Deluze and Guattari. Secondly I will evaluate an artists book using primarily Deluze's and Guattari's tool. And for reasons that I am still unsure of - I am compelled to remind myself at this point that a good workman never blames his tools.


Tuesday 27 September


3:30pm - 5.00pm






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