Milan Milojevic






Mining the Archive: Re-cycling the past - presenting with Jennifer Marshall


Milojevic and Marshall have worked and exhibited together since 1994 and their work continues to explore ideas and imagery initiated in their 'Bestiary' of 1999.
Both artists have referenced 17th & 18th C European engravings and woodcuts, these have been reconfigured, manipulated and re-contextualised through both traditional and digital printmaking media.

Milan Milojevic is a first generation Australian of German/Serbian parents, whose work is an ongoing engagement with ideas and issues surrounding cross-cultural identity. The desire to create his own fictional narratives and spaces is a response to collected stories of a homeland he never witnessed based on memory, myth and fact.

The synthesis of fact and fiction continue to play a pivotal role in Milojevic's practice. Informed and inspired by the aesthetics and visual language developed by engravers and naturalist artists from the18th and 19th centuries, he constructs his fictitious flora and fauna utilising digital print technology fused with traditional forms of printmaking. The rationale behind Milojevic's use of engravings and woodcuts is twofold. Firstly, their function was to disseminate visual information through compendiums and encyclopaedias. They were the primary evidence of new terrain explored and this evidence was regarded as factual. Secondly, they imply a narrative and due to their linear structure, enable seamless continuity in the juxtaposition of a range of disparate and diverse original sources.


Thursday 29 September


11:00am - 12.30pm





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