Megan McPherson




RMIT University, current PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, Monash University


Megan McPherson is a practising artist with an ongoing interest in educational research in the university studio. Megan is a project manager for an educational research project investigating the effectiveness of peer to peer learning in the university art and design studio funded through RMIT University's Learning and Teaching Investment Fund. She received a MA (Fine Art), BA Hons and Ad Dip Electronic Design and Interactive Media from RMIT University and BA Fine Art from Prahran College. She is a current PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. Her PhD research is based on the crit in the university fine art studio, the scholarship of learning and teaching in the university studio and visual research methodologies in educational research.   Megan has taught in art and design university education over the last 15 years and has developed curriculum to integrate digital educational technologies and tools into the first year university fine art studio. She has conducted research in areas such as assessment, peer learning, learning spaces, e learning, communities of practice, collaborative learning, first year transition and retention.


Printmaking and learning in a notion of practice in the university studio


The Studio Teaching Project defines the studio as 'a culture', 'a mode of teaching and learning', 'a program of projects and activities' and 'a physical space or constructed environment' (Studio Teaching Project, 2009).  Each of the discipline areas of art and design may have it's specialist theoretical knowledge, contextual knowledge and the ways it uses 'knowledge in action' but there are similarities and an intercontectedness that is recognised in current research in assessment in the university studio. The area that I am investigating is where students and studio teachers interact in a creative and reflective process in the university studio. What makes this interaction/ or experience in the university studio educative? What kind of reflective process is taking place? What is the learning and teaching research in the art and design discipline areas about 'learning in action' and how is it contextalised into the wider academic community? I have taken a wide research focus to include the areas of art, design and architecture as much of the research can be relevant in the commonality of pedagogical language, of conceptions of professional practice, the development of becoming practitioners, of the similarity of pedagogical interactions, and contexts that could be seen as transferable within the university studio.


Thursday 29 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm





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