Jennifer Marshall






Mining the Archive: Re-cycling the past - presenting with Milan Milojevic


Milojevic and Marshall have worked and exhibited together since 1994 and their work continues to explore ideas and imagery initiated in their 'Bestiary' of 1999.
Both artists have referenced 17th & 18th C European engravings and woodcuts, these have been reconfigured, manipulated and re-contextualised through both traditional and digital printmaking media.

Jennifer Marshall is  a fifth generation Australian artist of German/English background whose work demonstrates a pre-occupation with water and the sea as represented by the shifting patterns of light ,shadow and water.
Seeking inspiration from carved figureheads in Maritime Museums and their earlier prototypes from Antiquity she has studied the floor mosaics, fountains and sculpture from ancient Roman terme with their representations of sea creatures both naturalistic and fantastic. Many of the extant fountains in Rome which also use such imagery, contain recycled fragments from the baths of Antiquity, together with 16th,17th and 18th.C sculptural elements.
Jennifer Marshall is an artist whose practice as a printmaker has been governed by the conventions of mark making in earlier engravings as dictated by the use of cutting and engraving tools. From the 17th.C onwards , European artists undertaking the Grand Tour collected not only fragments and casts of antique sculpture but printed engravings of the views of Roman ruins. These prints would act as mnemonics and be re-cycled into their own compositions  in paintings prints and sculpture.
Through mining the archives of the 17th.and 18th.C vedute Marshall has re-cycled these views  yet again, transforming  and updating  these images as a contemporary printmaker and with the aesthetic sensibility of a 21st.C artist.


Thursday 29 September


11:00am - 12.30pm




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