Gian Manik




Monash University, Australia


Gian graduated from Curtin University in, Western Australia, with first class honours in Visual arts, 2007. Since then he has contributed to numerous group exhibitions, has staged 3 solo shows and has also been involved in various residencies across Australia. He is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts at Monash University, Melbourne, dividing theoretical and practical research focusing on sculpture, painting and video. Manik was born in 1985 and lives and works in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.


Representation, Re-Presenting and Re-framing the body: The trace of corporeality through cross disciplinary media and its installation in the work of Ryan Trecartin and Joan Jonas


This paper discusses interdisciplinary practice through the artefacts of installation as a trace of the artist's initial concept. I will focus on the body as the locus for two artist's work, Ryan Trecarin and Joan Jonas, who use the 'self' as genesis for a theoretical and material process of working. What is shown to their audiences becomes a series of conceptual lineages that traverse through various media. A material 'transfer' occurs between representation through recording the self, re-presentation through abstraction of objects and residual installation, and the re-framing one's body as the site for political device though the dialogue exposed within exhibition. The paper reframes the idea of 'the print and the re-print' to a much larger context and outcome of contemporaneity. I will specifically concentrate on Jonas'  Mirror Pieces I/II (1969/1970) performance and installations, as well as Trecartin's video installation, I-Be Area (2007) to emphasise the process by which different media becomes translocated, shaped and  installed as the residue of the initial self portrait each artist interrogates.


Tuesday 27 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm





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