Eve Kask




Associate professor at Estonian Academy of Arts, president of Tallinn Print Triennial


EVE KASK (b. 1958 Tallinn, Estonia). Graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in book design and printmaking in 1984. Between 1985 and 2009 she has taught at Tallinn Art School and since 1997 at Estonian Academy of Arts where she is currently an Associate Professor in Printmaking and Artist_s Book.
She has exhibited her work extensively both nationally and internationally and participated in workshops and residencies in Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Wales, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Scotland. Between 1989 and 2008 she has had 30 solo exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.
Eve Kask is engaged in interdisciplinary practices that include printmaking, artists' book, installation and anthropological documentary (such as exhibitions and documentary videos). During the last 12 years she has turned her attention to photographic projects and published three books: Knsmu, its people and houses (2003), A Complete Guide to Estonian Bus Stops(2008) and 101 / Casting Their Eyes(2011). She has curated the exhibitions Estonian Face(2009 in Tallinn), For Love not Money(2011) in Tallinn, together with Simon Rees and Eha Komissarov) and Memoirs from a Cold Utopia (2011 in London)
She has been the president of the Tallinn Print Triennial since 1996. For more information please visit www.triennial.ee


From Raised Eyebrows to Fallen Bus Stops: Explorations of Estonian Identity in the Post-Soviet Era


A small country in the Baltic region, Estonia was subjugated by a succession of larger nations for the greater part of the past millennium. After gaining independence in 1918, the Republic of Estonia was occupied during World War II -- first by Russia, then by Germany and finally by Russia once more. It regained its independence in 1991.
During these difficult times, Estonian culture resisted repeated pressure to assimilate ' by Russians. During the new era of independence in the past two decades, many of its artists have used a range of strategies to explore the boundaries of our fragile yet stoic independence.
The common thread in my research is the relationship between people and their environment. This presentation is based on five of my own projects, which explore different aspects of this topic.


Wednesday 28 September


11:00am - 12.30pm






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