Sarah Jones




Monash University, Australia


Sarah Jones has worked within the visual arts for the past sixteen years both as a collaborative and solo artist. Exhibitions since 1990 include West Space, Platform, CCP, Linden, Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong, Annandale Galleries, Centre for Contemporary Photography, and the Ian Potter Gallery. Sarah co-founded West Space Inc. with Brett Jones in 1992. She has worked with various arts institutions in Australia and overseas to produce experimental art catalogues and books. Sarah is a lecturer in Visual Communication at Monash University, Faculty of Art & Design.


Reading the Media


Everyday newspaper headlines present dark and grotesque stories which capture our attention. Headlines, centered on crime, are designed to shock, frighten, excite and entertain. As the media theorist Yvonne Jewkes (2004) argues in Media and Crime, a text which explores the role media plays in the representation and consumption of crime, crime and violence have become, 'Objectified and commodified, and thus desired, to the extent where they are widely distributed through all forms of media to be pleasurably consumed' (Jewkes 2004, p.32). Crime, thus, becomes forever linked and integral to culture and cultural practices. We engage with culture through reading and watching. Soap operas take their cues from the news stories which circulate within the media, using stories centred around serious and violent crimes as a means to achieve high ratings. The public is fascinated with crime and violence; newspapers, like soap opera, represent crime tales as pleasure and spectacle.


Thursday 29 September


11:00am - 12.30pm





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Session chair - Tuesday 27 September, 3:30pm - 5.00pm

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