Dr Jan Hogan




Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, Australia


Jan Hogan is an artist using printmaking and drawing to explore the continuing interactions between people and the land.  Her work concentrates on the specific site of Gundaroo Common, questioning her moral and ethical responsibilities to the place she lives in.  Through processes in the visual arts she explores the possibility of difference occupying the same space.    Jan regularly exhibits in solo and group exhibitions and includes her lecturing responsibilities as part of her art practice.


On Commoning


On commoning is a proposal to imagine another way of being in the world; one that assumes rights and freedoms that come from the people rather than given to us by the elite and powerful.  My paper will investigate a social practice called 'to common' that comes from feudal England and asserts the rights of the people to be able to meet their own basic economic needs in common with others.  I will argue that printmaking is the perfect medium to investigate this concept due to its potential as a democratic medium, its reproducibility, its multiplicity and its existing social structures of presses and workshops where people share property to produce their own work.
I will discuss the process and development of my art practice on the site of Gundaroo Common, which is situated in a small village in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  The common is held in trust for the villagers of Gundaroo.  It includes a tip, a cross-denominational cemetery and a reserve for the protection of the superb parrot and sun moth. I have been drawing and working on the site investigating how an overgrazed, compromised piece of land could develop a sense of place and spirituality in a settler society and how this could be communicated through the visual arts. Whilst working on this site I became aware of the old English tradition, 'to common' that is inclusive of difference and offers us an imaginative way of caring for the land and its inhabitants.


Tuesday 27 September


3:30pm - 5.00pm






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