Inga Hanover




Monash University, Australia


Four days of the week I teach a mix of Art and Textiles at a small rural Secondary College. The remaining three days are devoted to my own arts practice. In my studio work I am continuing with the daily drawings project commenced almost a decade ago in 2003. Every few years I took the opportunity to exhibit this collection at one of the local galleries: Creators Artspace in Wodonga, Wangaratta Exhibitions Gallery and Albury Regional Art Gallery. Using these drawings as reference I have constructed three dimensional paper narratives and digital images that I exhibited in group shows: Albury Art Prize,(2004, 2006) Little Creatures Fremantle Print Award, (2004, 2008) Hazelhurst Works on Paper Award (2007) and Geelong Print Award.(2007) I also interpreted thse drawings as textiles and have exhibited these in group touring shows in Canada, US, France and Japan.(2001 - 2005). Currently I am completing my masters by research through Monash. The daily drawing project continues with the added element of walking and the found object.


Imprint and Memory in the Analogue Book


What is so compelling about a book is its physicality. The book format offers a unique intimacy; an artwork that can be viewed in a personal space, can be folded up and put away; or, it can be shared with an immensely large and public audience, passing through both known and unknown hands. The reader can choose the progression and pace and rhythm of revelation of images and text, thus becoming an integral part of the book.
This paper celebrates the reader's imprint in analogue books; the indexical marks, the lost and found, the accidental traces of the readers that have read the book before you. The intentions of the gift giver have been recorded in an inscription be it heartfelt or cryptic. The tactility of the surface is enhanced and stimulated through olfactory senses triggering memory.


Thursday 29 September


11:00am - 12.30pm





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