Globalization, national identities and the post-colonial perspective

Asian Visualities and Contemporary Narratives


Associate Professor Leong Chan (AUS), University of New South Wales, Australia



Associate Professor Leong CHAN
Dr Wenmen LI
Mr Abdullah SYED



The four papers in this panel examine Asian perspectives and national narratives in contemporary visual culture. As an artist and academic residing in Sydney, Wenmin Li explores the aesthetics of the traditional Chinese new year picture and cultural symbols in contemporary Chinese art including her drawings which serve as an identity marker and connection to China. Peter Nelson proposes a framework for engaging with current spatial expressions in visual culture by examining ideas from the Situationist utopias of the 1960s, traditional Chinese landscape painting, the European Romantic movement, and Real Time Strategy computer games. Abdullah Syed demonstrates in his art practice the crisis of male identity in religion, politics and gender discourse in Pakistan, and argues that this ‘ruptured masculinity’ suggests a change in collective consciousness.  Leong Chan examines the visual authority of the narrative in the graphic representation of multiracialism in government campaigns for nation building in Singapore.


Thursday 29 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm


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