Jennifer Eiserman




University of Calgary, Canada


I am an associate professor in the Department of Art at the University of Calgary. My interest in the relationship between art and technology emerged in graduate study and has evolved as a result of what I perceive to be the necessity for those involved in the training of artists to provide a foundation in contemporary media to their students. Prior to entering academe, I worked in museums across Canada at a time when museum practice was just beginning to embrace the then emerging internet as a form of dissemination. This has led me to examine dissemination practices that are authentic to contemporary digital artforms, including online exhibitions, databases, and Facebook, among others.


The Digital Print Shop: Artist and Computer as Co-Creators presented with Gerard Hushlak


This paper examines the ways that digital photography and computer based post-processing are changing the creative activity of the artist-printmaker. The use of digital cameras capable of taking extremely high resolution photographs, high resolution scanners and opportunities to download images from the Internet, paired with image manipulation, digital printing processes and on-line dissemination platforms provides the artist with unprecedented opportunities for the creation of 'printed' images. Add to this the ability afforded by digital environments to automate image creation and questions arise: Where is the artwork situated in this context? What is the role of the artist?

By exploring the work of artist Gerald Hushlak as a case study of this phenomenon, we articulate the ways that artists creating prints in digital environments work as designers, co-creating works of art with their electronic collaborators. We explore the unique affordances of these partnerships that have allowed the discipline to evolve in new directions; new tools allow for new questions nurturing new knowledge. We develop a theoretical framework that provides for the agency of the artist within the digital environment and recognizes the identity of the final prints as original works of art.


Wednesday 28 September


11:00am - 12.30pm





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