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Globetrotting: Tamarind Printers Around the World


For fifty years, Tamarind has offered the only formal professional master printer training program for collaborative printmaking in the world. Today, The global presence of Tamarind-trained master printers has greatly expanded access to the medium of lithography for artists who work primarily in other artistic mediums and, in turn, helped to preserve the medium for posterity. Devon will present on Tamarind Institute’s professional printer training and its role in reviving lithography as a viable artistic medium. Panel members will include Tamarind-trained printers who now run collaborative print studios around the world. Each studio has different priorities and is engaged in interesting projects, making an impact on the broader art scene in their countries and beyond.


The Artists’ Press, White River, South Africa (Mark Attwood)
Mark Attwood founded the Artists’ Press, a studio dedicated to hand lithography, in Johannesburg in 1991. The studio, now located in a farming area near Kruger Park, incorporates many environmentally sound initiatives and an extensive organic garden. Attwood will discuss the studio, printers, and artists with whom they have worked., and projects completed with a culturally diverse sampling of artists. 


Museograbado Print Studio, Zacatecas, Mexico (Plinio Avila, MEX)
The mission of the Museograbado is to produce high quality prints, train printers, research techniques and materials and to create audiences for prints. The studio concentrates on offering technical support for and conceptual development of prints. and can accommodate work in several different mediums, including digital. Some projects go beyond pure printmaking. Avila has worked with important contemporary Mexican artists such as Francisco Toledo, Teresa Morgolles, and Manuel Felguerez, among others.


Firebox Print Studio
Dian Darmansjah completed the Tamarind Professional Printer Training Program in 1999. After working at Charles Darwin University, for six years as a lecturer and as the Workshop Manager of Northern Editions, he founded Firebox Print Studio in 2006. The workshop offers editioning services and educational program. Dian has worked, in all of the traditional print mediums, with artists from art centers all over Australia, as well as other national and international artists.


Wednesday 28 September


11:00am - 12.30pm




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