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Monash University


Marian Crawford is Coordinator of Printmedia Programs, Monash University Department of Fine Art, and Convener of IMPACT7. She has lectured at both RMIT University and the Victorian College of the Arts, and has a BA (Melbourne University), a BFA (Victorian College of the Arts) and a MA (by Research), from RMIT University, Melbourne.


Anna Grieve is a Documentary Producer/ Director. She was Executive Producer at Film Australia where her credits include the multi award winning, Dhakiyarr vs the King shot in Arnhem Land, art series with Betty Churcher, and films with Peter Butt including Who Killed Dr Bogle & Mrs Chandler? She has a BA from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and BA Hons in Visual Arts, Monash University.

Paper title

A Floating World ' Printmaking, post-war Australia, Japan and Robert Grieve


This paper explores aspects of the life and work of Australian artist and printmaker, Robert Grieve within the context of Australian printmaking in the decades after the Second World War. It investigates the deep connections Grieve developed with Japanese culture, his interest in the Spanish artist Antoni Tapies and how this was reflected in his own work.
Grieve's work is represented in many Australian galleries and internationally, ranging from the Museum Vilnius in Lithuania to Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan. He died in 2006 at the age of 82 leaving an extraordinary diversity of work in every media and every form of printmaking. In an obituary published in Imprint magazine, the publication of the Print Council of Australia (PCA), Professor Sasha Grishin describes Grieve as having 'the highest standing amongst fellow artists, especially printmakers, both in Australia and abroad.' He was a man of diverse interests and obsessions ranging from orchids, collecting masks, to casting toy soldiers and making paper. But above all he was an energetic traveller and the place he returned to most was Japan.
Grieve was a founding member of the PCA, a not-for-profit organisation established in 1966. As President of the PCA between 1973 and 1978, Grieve organised a cultural exchange exhibition of contemporary prints between Tokyo and Melbourne. This paper researches the archives of Imprint as a significant record of post World War Two Australian printmaking interests and activities.


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