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Marian Crawford is Coordinator of Printmedia Programs, Monash University Department of Fine Art, and Convener of IMPACT7. She has lectured at both RMIT University and the Victorian College of the Arts, and has a BA (Melbourne University), a BFA (Victorian College of the Arts) and a MA (by Research), from RMIT University, Melbourne.

Paper title

The Print and Impossible Mourning


The print on paper is never enough, it always refers to an other. The origins of the work shift between idea, matrix and impression. Print technologies are historically associated with and characterised by endless reproducibility. Prints are copies of what might be called the original thought.
In 'The Work of Mourning', Jacques Derrida describes the law of friendship and mourning ''One friend must always go before the other; one friend must always die first." The other is left to commemorate. We can interiorize them as perfect and ideal, or remain in a state of impossible mourning, with the deceased at an infinite distance, leaving them their alterity and singularity.
Derrida adds: 'In 'each death' there is an end of the world, and yet the rhetoric of mourning allows us to speak of this end and multiply it, both to anticipate it and repeat it'with regard not only to one friend... but many, one death after another... there is no first death available to... become the sole and incomparable object of our mourning, iteration is unavoidable...'
Do print processes have at their heart an engagement with multiplicity that echoes this unavoidable iteration of mourning? Does this distance from origin that characterises the print suggest both alterity and commemoration?


Thursday 29 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm


Marion will be both chairing this panel from 1.30pm and presenting at 1:40pm



Other activities

Marian will also present a paper A Floating World ' Printmaking, post-war Australia, Japan and Robert Grieve written with Anna Grieve on Thursday 29 September, 11:00am - 12.30pm. For more information click here

She will also present work as part of the IMPACT7 exhibition program, and is the convener of IMPACT7 at Monash.

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