Rozimah Bidin




Universiti Teknologi MARA Perak, Malaysia


Rozimah Bidin is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Art and Design, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak, Malaysia, majoring in Fine Art and Education. At present she is teaching in Art Foundation level at the university for nearly 18 years. She interested in studying in printing field especially silkscreen and get involved in research on visual multimedia digital and teaching practices.


History and Development of Silkscreen Printing in Malaysia - presented with Wahiza Abdul Wahid


The history of writing by hand had existed approximately four thousand years after the invention of writing in Mesopotamia.  Following this, from the form of writing, it developed well after which book printing became a necessity, for example in China, Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and others, including Malaysia. Ever since then, hand writing developed gradually and systematically into the stage where books being published and so forth.  There are several type of printing, which includes offset printing, printmaking, silkscreen and digital print, a type which is widely used at present. The objectives of this paper are to discuss the history and to identify the development of varieties of printing exists in Malaysia from the beginning to present time. This paper will also introduce two famous Malaysian artists who are involved in various printing technique, especially the silk screen printing. These artists had been active in the execution and exhibiting their artworks with the blending of subjects, subject matters, materials, etc. The ideas, problem solving and creative process are clearly seen in their composition which had been created in a much disciplined manner.  The ideas and concept portrayed in their artworks had been the efforts upon highlighting the capabilities of Malaysian artists in conveying certain message to the observers or audiences in every society. In addition, this paper will include discussion regarding artworks created by the Malaysian artists.  It will then try to explore and seek of how they appreciate arts, life and expressing themselves, thus transfer onto their canvases and in three dimensional forms.  Their artworks which are in various styles and techniques had paved a way for the contemporary Malaysian art to develop consistently. The exposure towards history, the development of printing in arts and the works of Malaysian contemporary arts also stimulate new ideas and inspiration towards the development of printing in Malaysia and the other parts of the world.  


Wednesday 28 September


11:00am - 12.30pm





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