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Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA


Edward Bernstein is the current Professor of Art and Co-Head Printmaking at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA. Education includes: MFA, printmaking, Indiana 1973; Atelier 17, Paris; B.F.A, painting Rhode Island School of Design. He has two regional National Endowment of Art (US) grants. Professional appointments include: Oxford University (UK), UC Berkeley. He exhibits in major national and international juried and invited exhibitions and has been a visiting artist in the US, Canada, and Europe. A recent residency was Masereel in Belgium. His work is in museums in US, United Kingdom, Italy, and China. Bernstein has done demos, curated portfolios, organized panels for many SGC and IMPACT conferences, and was past Secretary of SGC.


Cross Polinization: Emerging Artists in Contemporary Brazilian Printmaking
Panellists Professor Isabela Prado, Professor Maria do Carmo Veneroso


We live in a global economy as well as global art community.

Brazil is an important emerging power both economically and been so culturally many years: Sao Paulo Biennale. Brazil is a very rich and true melting pot of European, African, Latin, and Asian ethnicities and cultures.

We will discuss and illustrate the above in a related themed portfolio of Brazilian emerging and post-graduate artists who represent this new paradigm in art and culture.

We will first discuss printmaking activities in Brazil; the role played by the Universities' art schools in its development, showing current trends in Brazilian printmaking and demonstrating how young artists/printmakers are being educated. We will use The School of Art at UFMG as an example, noting similarities and differences between their practice and that of North America, Europe and Australia. 

Panelist Maria do Carmo Freitas Veneroso conducted extensive research into this topic . Isabela Prado represents the current generation of Brazilian artists practicing today.


Tuesday 27 September


3:30pm - 5.00pm




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