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Julie Barratt has en extensive background as an artist, curator and printmaker. Under the Barratt Galleries banner she has curated hundreds of exhibitions, worked across numerous community projects and travelled extensively promoting Australian Artist books. In her own practice Barratt has been working exclusively with artist books and prints since 2004 and is concerned with texture and tactility. Working primarily with the process of collograph and monoprinting enables her to create rich layers, which are then bound into the book form. Her works are usually site specific and are created using found objects from wherever she happens to be working at the time. Hand stamped lettering and typewritten text come into play in Barratt_s work reminiscent of a background in commercial printing and letterpress.


Our Stories ' Indigenous Artist Books - presented with Penny Evans


This presentation by Barratt and Evans will provide a summary and overview of this exciting and unique project.
In 2011 Julie Barratt embarked on a collaborative program to work with 5 Indigenous Artists from the Northern Rivers region in the production of artist books working across multi print media including etching, collograph, drawing, and digital art. The aim of this unique project is to go some way to addressing the imbalance between Indigenous and non-Indigenous books in the major State Library and gallery collections.
The 5 Northern Rivers artists chosen to take part in this unique project have been chosen on the basis that their artwork particularly suits the artist book aesthetic. Working in a close mentoring capacity with Barratt in the initial stages of book construction and printing and later with master binder Monica Oppen the project is assured to produce books of museum quality. The 5 artists have very different styles and work across various print media. The stories range from the historical and political to the personal. 
This project has a timeframe of 6-8 months and as such will be completed by September 2011 to coincide with the Impact conference. As one of the participating artists Penny Evans will co present this paper with Julie Barratt to talk about the collaborative process and the outcomes of the project. One of the edition of each of the 5 artists' books will also be available to be viewed by the audience after the presentation upon request.
This pilot project is unique in an approach that combines mentorship, collaboration, print media and the artist book in a medium that takes an important step in giving a voice to Indigenous stories in a forum where previously there hasn't been one. 


Wednesday 28 September


1:30pm - 3.00pm






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