Month of Print

Footsteps: 20 Northern Rivers Printmakers

10 September - 10 October

20 Northern Rivers artists respond to the theme of distance with a pair of prints. The pair is dispersed. One print will be exhibited at Monash University as part of the IMPACT 7. The second print will be simultaneously exhibited in Northern NSW creating a trajectory which explores the relationship between places and the means with which we traverse space.

Quotidian & Quixotic Gallery, Alstonville


Footsteps: New works from 16 Northern Rivers Printmakers

An exhibition of new works by 16 printmakers from the Northern Rivers Region of NSW that explores the notion of distance.

Julie Barratt, Darren Bryant, Jan Davis, Sarah Harvey, Louise Irving, Gary Jolley, Joanna Kambourian, Jenny Kitchener, Leonie Lane, Anita Lord, Brendan McCumstie, Ross McMaster, Travis Paterson, Rochelle Summerfield, Scott Trevelyan, Christine Willcocks


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