Month of Print

Letterpress Workshops: September 25 & 26

Learn how to set and print metal type on both a cylinder proof press and a hand-fed platen press. We’ll cover the minutiae of handsetting, locking up and makeready. You’ll leave knowing how to recognise a tight tympan, how to check roller height and all about the finer points of good inking. You’ll learn how to feed the press, maintain ink levels, avoid offset and maintain registration. You’ll learn how to make a good impression.

During the Month of Print September 25 & 26
But also: January 22 & 23
March 12 & 13
May 21 & 22
July 16 & 17
November 12 & 13

Time: 10am–5pm.

Location: Idlewild Press at the Compound Interest Centre for The Applied Arts
15-25 Keele Street
Collingwood 3066.

Cost: $400. Includes all materials.

Maximum four students per workshop.

Please call or write with any questions: girlprinter {at} gmail {dot} com or +61 401 409 325

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