Month of Print

Footscray Community Arts Centre: During Impact 2011

Ash Keating, Azlan McLennan, Juan Ford, Karenne Rees, Keith Wong, Kristin McIver, and Larissa MacFarlane with Wesabi
Curated by Larissa MacFarlane and Michael Brennan

1 September – 30 October 2011
Roslyn Smorgon Gallery
Footscray Community Arts Centre

Curated by Larissa MacFarlane and Michael Brennan, Trans explores the boundaries of printmaking, with very little evidence of traditional printmaking presses and process involved in the creation of the works on display. Ephemeral printmaking; stolen printmaking; domestic, commercial and political printmaking; even pharmaceutical printmaking – each artist has taken up an oblique interpretation of the printmaking process, while the exhibition itself focuses on the prefix trans as a fundamental characteristic of printmaking that facilitates a shift from one space or surface to another.

Contact: Michael Brennan

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