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Ballarat University: Mark Graver - Artist in Residence
The artist will be display an exhibition of works that will be produced in his technique of Non Toxic Inks.
‘This will be a two day workshop using aluminium. Etching with copper sulphate/salt solution, lift resist using Kremelta, making a two/three colour multi-plate image depending on experience of participants, and printing with Akua water based inks.’ 

2 - 21 October Artist in Residence on campus
5 - 29 October, Art Exhibition at the Arts Academy Ballarat University Post Office Gallery, Wed to Sat 1 – 4pm
12 October from 12:30 to 1:30 Public Talk by Artist. Arts Theatrette, Camp St, Ballarat, University of Ballarat
15 & 16 October from 9am - 4pm: Workshop in Non Toxic Printmaking techniques for students of the Arts Academy, University of Ballarat
LOCATION/ADDRESS: University of Ballarat – Arts Academy, Camp St Ballarat 3350

Jimmy Pasakos
Lecturer Printmaking & Drawing
Arts Academy University of Ballarat
Tel (03) 5327 8620
E -
W -
Or Arts Administration 5327 8605

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