Keynote Speakers

John Loane with mike parr

Tuesday 27th September at 11am
Parr/Loane (Echolalia - the road)


John Loane will speak about his 24 year collaboration with Mike Parr. Mike Parr will be represented by two new films: 'Villainouswood' and 'Zombies
ahead' 2011. 'Villainouswood' documents Mike as he draws on 36 copper plates with various tools and speaks about his ideas and processes; and John
prints up the plates.



For more than thirty years, Mike Parr has been engaged in possibly the most concentrated and ambitious program in contemporary Australian visual art – the Self Portrait Project. This series of works has been realised through a myriad of individual pieces in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting, video and performance – and has been characterised by lacerating self examination and deliberately provocative bodily actions, via wrenching performances (as well as videos and photographs documenting these performances). Vomiting, cutting, burning, branding and self asphyxiation have been crucial actions in the practice, often repeated and endured over time – until the body gives out – and becomes both the object and subject of the work.

Mike Parr claims the performances as central to the practice – and they have certainly become iconic in Australian and international art, demanding much from both the artist and audience. The installation of more that thirty of the performance videos was the stand out event at the Biennale of Sydney in 2008 and will again be a major focus of upcoming survey exhibitions in Europe over the next several years.

Also, the actualised body is explicated in the ‘performative’ nature of the drawings and prints, where the gestural sweep of the ‘making’ arm both extends the action and describes it. Mike Parr is an artist for whom the very intensity and anxiety to do with practice is both challenge and reward.

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