Keynote Speakers

John Loane with mike parr

Tuesday 27th September at 11am
Parr/Loane (Echolalia - the road)


John Loane will speak about his 24 year collaboration with Mike Parr. Mike Parr will be represented by two new films: 'Villainouswood' and 'Zombies
ahead' 2011. 'Villainouswood' documents Mike as he draws on 36 copper plates with various tools and speaks about his ideas and processes; and John
prints up the plates.


John Loane

John Loane is an artist and master printmaker. He is based in Canberra where he conducts both his own art practice and collaborative projects. His close collaboration with Mike Parr began in 1987, and this fruitful relationship has seen the production of significant works in printmedia. The results of their most recent works were seen at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, in July 2010. John established Viridian Press in 1987, and has worked in collaboration with a range of other artists to produce fine art print works for almost 25 years.

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