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Kate Zizys, Kerry Spokes and Jane Power | Full Play



Building E, Level 1, Entrance and adjacent corridor


'Full Play' is a composite work which can be read from any direction and uses collage as its technical platform. Essentially print based, this work grew from combining paper and cut-out printed pieces to build loose narratives. The pieces can be viewed as singular, clustered or one whole work - individual  pieces are not diminished if not considered as part of the greater whole - rather the individual elements are a microcosm of the bigger picture. The premiss of play underpins the narrative themes in the piece, rather than using traditional curatorial devises to assemble the work, story telling and game playing was used as a technique to place the pieces together.

Kerry Spokes, Kate Zizys and Jane Power are friends connected through print practice.
All three are formally educated and practicing visual artists. This work includes printed cut-outs made by middle and senior year art students from the Newhaven College on Phillip Island, thanks so much to the Newhaven College students who contributed their work and for support from art teachers Sian Adnam and Fiona Anastasi.






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