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Jason WorkmanGreen - Artist’s book



Building G, Ground Floor concourse, display cases



Green, 2009, is a concrete poem which spans the length of an accordion book. The text, a series of two-word phrases rests on the page, amid stains from custom-made dyes. The paper is 100% cotton rag  bound in Japanese Yatsuo 100% Kozo over book board. Title and author on front board with hot foil stamp. Green is in edition of 10.

I am drawn to the artist book for its versatility, economy and its object quality. It provides a particularly suitable medium for communicating the durational and ephemeral work which I intermittently undertake within public space. Increasingly, the artist book  is also a space of textual experimentation. The nature of each hand-made book stands as something of an anomaly in an age of mechanical reproduction; it's realisation is intimate. It is a caress for the eye, for the hand.

Jason Workman

Jason Workman born 1970, New Zealand, is an artist and writer. Workman has been making limited edition artist books (essay’s / documents of site specific projects / poetry) since 2001. He is an avid pyschogeographer and regularly makes durational and ephemeral works for public space. His writing has been published in Canada, UK and Australia. He resides Melbourne, Australia.





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