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Vital Models | Tim Schork and Gwyllim Jahn

with Architecture Department Masters Students, Monash University



Building F, Level 2, Room 24


Historically, an important limitation to what has been regarded as being possible in architectural design have been the tools, techniques and media employed by designers to represent 3-dimensional form. The fundamental nature of this relationship is captured in the idea that architects tend to draw what they can build, and build what they can draw. Inventions such as the compass, perspective drawing, projective geometry and the computer have led to shifts in the design of buildings and to new theoretical and perceptual ideas and value systems employed to evaluate and understand designs. So any new tool, technique and medium can add to the range of ways in which we conceptualise and perceive space and form and the way architecture can be done.
Vital Models re-examines the act of drawing and modelling through the use of algorithmic procedures and systems of self-organisation, which transcend traditional means of pen and paper. By engaging the dynamic and designing with and through behaviours a rich fertile ground for innovative design opens up. The work engages with notions of complexity and indeterminacy, as well as aims towards new understandings of form, which develop implicitly from the organisational characteristics of behavioural systems.


Tim Schork
Tim is an architect, lecturer, design critic and author. In 2005 he co-founded the interdisciplinary design firm Mesne Design Studio and he is currently a lecturer in the Department of Architecture at Monash University. Internationally renowned for his design excellence and explorative, creative and innovative research, his work combines a sophisticated design philosophy with advanced technology in order to create novel design solutions that address contemporary social and cultural agendas.




Monash Architecture Gallery

Mesne Design Studio

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