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Pamela Salen



Building G, Ground Floor Concourse, Display cases


The bedroom is where privacy is claimed, where nightly dreams are manifested, where we experience our solitude, intimacy and vulnerability. It is a designated space for both internal and external expression. It reflects our comforts, frustrations, exhaustion, fantasies, and nightmares. The bedroom is the locus of identity formation and affirmation. In the bedroom we truly face ourselves – the epitome of an autobiography. Paul John Eakin suggests that “[modern] autobiography seems to have emerged concurrently with – and is perhaps a symbolic manifestation of – people’s acquisition of a distinctly personal space in which to live, rooms of their own.” It is within the boundaries of personal space that begin to define who one is.
Through abstract paper reconstructions of the twenty bedrooms I have inhabited, I will recreate the essence of these spaces, endowed with history, ambiguity and nar¬rative navigation. Removed from their inherent physical locations, I am able to render from memory unique qualities which have become part of my autobiography.


Pamela holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as well as an associate degree in Visual Communication from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She is currently a Masters of Design by Research candidate at Monash University, Faculty of Art & Design and teaches as a visiting lecturer in the Visual Communication program at Monash University.

Pamela’s work explores through the combination of photography and paper sculptures the narrative links that bind space and memory together, and is currently focusing her postgraduate studies on the intimacies of the rooms she has inhabited from birth to adulthood. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States and and at the Glen Eira Local Artist Exhibition in April 2011. She will be presenting on experimental memory and language at the NIEA Experimental Arts National Postgraduate Conference, UNSW, 18 August 2011.



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