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Trail Finlay Taylor 2002
Lubb Dup, Ann Tyler, Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 1998
Latescapes Eric Watier 2004
Nondescription of the Hill, Rados?aw Nowakowski, 1999
Serpentina, Michael McGraw, 2006

Life, the universe and everything

Artists’ books which question our relationship with nature and the way we live


Curated by Sarah Bodman


Sarah Bodman (UK), Kurt Johannessen (Norway), Bill Burns (Canada), Ann Tyler (USA), Julie Johnstone (UK), Éric Watier (France), Sarah Bodman (UK), Finlay Taylor (UK), Radoslaw Nowakowski (Poland), Colin Sackett (UK), Tracey Bush (UK), Imi Maufe (Norway), Susan Johanknecht (UK), Angie Waller (USA), Sarah Jacobs (UK), Mick McGraw (UK)



Building E, Level 2



An exhibition of 28 artists’ books – placed on a shelf - which ask the viewers some questions about how we perceive, treat and respond to nature and our wider environment. For example: Kurt Johannessen’s Exercises, contains seemingly innocuous instructions such as “kiss the wind” “talk nicely to all the butterflies you meet” ‘follow a snail for a day” which are actually questioning our relationship with the often invisible world around us. Radoslaw Nowakowski’s visual focus is the tiny hamlet of Dabrowa Dolna where he lives, using subjects such as the view of the mountain outside his window to question the nature of the universe. Sarah Jacobs Deciphering Human Chromosome 16 bookworks use text in a visual way “to document the ethical, economic, political and philosophical polemics associated with mapping the human genome”. The Index to the Report sets fragments collected from the websites contained in the ‘Report’ against the background of the earlier draft sequence originally published by Project Gutenberg. The solid physicality of the ‘Index’ contrasts with the ever-changing ‘Report’. Finlay Taylor has been working with snails for over 10 years. His books include their subjects as participants in the making of the artwork, such as snail eaten trails which spell out texts.

Sarah Bodman is Senior Research Fellow for Artists' Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), UK, where she runs research projects investigating and promoting contemporary book arts. She is also Programme Leader for the MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking course. Sarah is the author of Creating Artists’ Books, and editor of the Artist's Book Yearbook a biennial reference publication on contemporary book arts, and The Blue Notebook journal for artists’ books. Sarah also writes a regular column on artists’ books for the ARLIS News-Sheet, and the journal Printmaking Today. Her recent artists’ books include Cherry Blossom Island Tree with Tom Sowden (2009), Dinner and A Rose with the artist/poet Nancy Campbell (2010), An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen (2010), No Dutch Details with Tom Sowden (video: 2011) and TOAST: A Night on Weevil Lake (collaborative book and video 2011).



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