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Pia Larsen in flux


Building D, Level 1, Room 14



I make art that engages with current cultural discourses on bodies, art traditions, and the development and acquisition of forms of knowledge. The fields of anatomy, medicine and science provide me with subject matter as well as forums of public discourse in which new ideas are readily debated and incorporated into the continuum of accepted knowledge.

My recent practice utilises found, new and accumulated material.  This combines recycling materials, such as past artwork and metal printing plates with, for example, new objects constituted out of paper pulp. I am working with the notion that materials carry established associations, which I seek to retain and exploit in my pieces. I combine cultural references, invented forms and images in installation environments that echo the context I see my work emanating from and operating within.

The focus of my work on exhibition explores bodies in flux given the competing discourses around bodies. My practice involves extending the parameters of printmedia and its potential as a contemporary medium of vast possibilities. I create sculptural pieces in metal and printmedia that range from small scale to installation environments that explore alternative modes of representation within the field of human anatomy.


I live and work in Sydney. I have a studio at home but also utilise the print studio and workshop within the National Art School and Sydney College of the Arts. I have been lecturing in the Printmedia Studio at the National Art School for the past two years and at Sydney College of the Arts for the past five years. I am represented by the Damien Minton Gallery in Sydney and have exhibited with him since 2005. I will stage a solo exhibition at Barometer Gallery, an ARI, in Paddington, Sydney in November 2011. I enjoy teaching in a tertiary environment and value the support, shared ideals and dialogue with my colleagues in the arts community. 





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