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Taida JasarevicBlack Water



Building D, Level 1, Room 12



This series of works, Black Water by Taida Jasarevic, makes use of a concept which understands perception as deeply mediated, blending human and machinic perception into one artistic statement. In observing and sensing the world current technologies become the medium of our perception, with the object of perception continually receding behind the relations required for machinic connections to human perception.
Making use of obsolete modes of visual presentation for images which make use of new tools to manipulate and represent the fundamental basis of the object world (electron microscope) the artist gains access to new forms of knowledge and previously unknown means of representation and can creatively explore the system of values implied in the development of this kind of perception.

The works attempt to open up perception within this human and machinic vision, highlighting the imperfection and limitations of our senses to perceive reality, and the continuing imperfection of human senses mediated by machines. Pursuing neither greater clarity or greater obscurity in its vision, this series of works attempts to show the mediated quality of perception in images of great strength and beauty.

TAIDA JASAREVIC Born in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) on August 3, 1979. Education: Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo BA (’02), Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan MA, PhD (’07- ’10)

Member of The Committee of University of Art for Print Studies in Japan (’09) Member of Bosnia and Herzegovina Artist Association (’02)



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