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Right: brook and black Loco Solis I, 2010, Giclee Print, 100x90cm
Nicholas Devison, Viewfinder II, photoscreen and monoprint 100cm x 89cm
Mark Shaw Undulating Alternating Schema Inkjet Print 2011 56x75cm
Jo Love Untitled from the series Staub 2011 Digital Print and graphite pencil 110x200cm
Edward Dimsdale , Model Love 2010, Digital Print 60x40cm





Building B, B660


Viewfinder is a growing research network brings together the current research concerns of five academics from Anglia Ruskin University, London College of Communications, Northampton University and includes two research students both currently undertaking PhD research at Chelsea College of Art and London Metropolitan University.

Formally diverse, each artist engages with ideas concerning the instability of perception, dislocation of place, interventions and disruption of meaning.
The result is a discursive engagement with the photographic image, which considers the contingent nature of representation mediated through a digitised environment.
Brook & Black interrogate the boundaries between the familiar and the unexpected, often referencing and combining new and old modes of image-making and testing the clash between; from video still, digital photograph to painting..
Nicholas Devison explores the relationship between digital analogue and photographic perceptions of space. Recent work deploys seemingly fixed coordinates within an indeterminate ground. The result offers an articulation of space which is simultaneously fixed and equivocal.
Edward Dimsdale explores the insufficiency of the photographic. Combining the surface qualities and tonal nuances of photographic etching, the images evoke a densely layered world: fragile, shifting, transient, always at the point of unfixing and disappearing, permitting no fixing of the gaze.

Jo Love’s research investigates the perception of the photographic image through the visual presence of dust. The digital photographic image within the work can best be described as ‘emptied out illusory photographic spaces – grey visual planes, onto which surface is represented through the addition of a hand drawn mark.

Mark Shaw investigates the relationship between what is seen, known and understood. The images simultaneously explore explicit and implied meaning. The interplay between form, perception and the transformative nature of image making are constant themes. 

Brook and Black
Nicholas Devison
Jo Love
Edward Dimsadale
Mark Shaw 



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