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Deborah Cornell Unexpected Consequences



Building D, Level 1, Room 12



This exhibition considers the consequences of genetic engineering and the unpredictability of genetic interactions over time. Of special interest to me are interactions with the environment and with the boundaries of human culture. 
In view of the unparalleled ability of science to affect the most elemental of life’s structures, research has embarked on a course where there’s no turning back. In this quest, both the scientific and consuming communities are relying on a collective cultural rationality and the foresight to manage and control the future. In scientific evaluations of potential consequence, there is considerable concern for circumventing all perceivable repercussions. But even with the best of intentions, it is impossible to envision all the possible interactions of a given environmental or cultural situation. 
Nothing exists in isolation – complex interrelationships can produce unexpected results. Questions arise connecting genes to the market economy, altering genetic codes, the migration of altered organisms and their impact on environments, humans and on other species.

Deborah Cornell is Chair of Printmaking at Boston University. Her prints and virtual reality installations are shown internationally, with recent presentations in Buenos Aires, Venice, Iceland, the UK, Russia, Bogata,
New York, and Boston. Group exhibitions include A.I.R. Gallery NY, 5th Novosibirsk Print Biennial, and Photo Image at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Her virtual installations have been presented in New York, Taiwan,
and electronically worldwide, and Surge was featured at the Boston International CyberArts Festival. Her work has been supported with a fellowship from Harvard University, grants from the Deya Majorca Archaeological Foundation.




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