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Building G, Level 1, Concourse



BookArtObject is the online gathering place for a global group of disparate book artists who are also bloggers. The informal group was established in 2009 by Sara Bowen, and since its inception the group’s artists have maintained communication and decision-making via a public group blog; Despite having some well-known and highly regarded book artists in the group, BAO ‘membership ‘remains open and egalitarian. BAO artists have produced small editions of handmade books that have been primarily exchanged amongst group members. BAO Edition One, consisting of eight small books from the group’s original eight members, was a response to Rosemary Dobson’s poem ‘Learning Absences’. BAO Editions Two and Three are also responses to words and poetry again chosen by group consensus. As well as making physical books/book structures, BAO artists all contribute to the BAO blog

BookArtObject members are:
Sara Bowen (,
Rhonda Ayliffe (,
Caren Florance (,
Jane Aliendi (,
Amanda Watson-Will (,
Carol Cantrell (,
Di Patmore (,
Angela Callanan (,
Anna Mavromatis (,
Aine Scannell (,
Fiona Dempster (,
Abigail Thomas ( ,
Guylaine Couture (,
Alison Fenech (